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RF Microneedling (Potenza RF)

DrBarxMD is your state-of-the-art center for high-quality medical and cosmetic care. Dr. Bar and her expert medical team members are proud to offer a wide range of non-surgical and non-invasive treatments that provide patients with their healthiest-looking and -feeling skin. We are proud to offer RF microneedling to men and women in Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Beverly Hills, and the neighboring communities in Orange County, California.


What is RF Microneedling?

Patients who love microneedling also love radiofrequency (RF) microneedling. This minimally invasive cosmetic treatment combines the collagen-boosting powers of microneedling with the skin-tightening capabilities of RF energy. Dr. Bar is proud to use the Potenza™ RF microneedling system on both herself and her patients. Equipped with Tiger Tip™ technology, the Potenza™ system emits a warm, RF energy while the micro-channels in your skin are being created, allowing your collagen to rebuild and your lax skin to look firmer.  Dr. Bar typically recommends RF microneedling treatments to patients who wish to reduce their unwanted signs of aging and treat their uneven skin tone or texture. This all-in-one treatment is a fan favorite.

What are the Benefits of RF Microneedling?

There are many benefits of receiving RF microneedling treatments from DrBarxMD, including:

  • Minimally invasive cosmetic treatment

  • Firms lax skin through soft tissue coagulation

  • Minimizes enlarged pores

  • Smooths away fine lines and mild to moderate wrinkles

  • Improves uneven skin tone and texture

  • Reduces sun damage

  • Little to no downtime and recovery

What Can I Expect During my RF Microneedling Treatment?

Your RF microneedling treatment will be performed by DrBarxMD in our state-of-the-art facility. Before your treatment begins, a mild topical anesthetic will be applied to your desired treatment area. Once numb and comfortable, Dr. Bar will begin moving the Potenza™ RF microneedling applicator along the skin carefully and thoroughly. The entire treatment process typically takes less than 90 minutes to complete.


What Can I Expect After my RF Microneedling Treatment?

Immediately following your RF microneedling treatment, you may notice your skin to be red and sensitive, similar to the sensation of a sunburn. These side effects are normal typically resolve on their own within a day or two of treatment. Dr. Bar and her team may ask that you avoid excessive exposure to the sun and do not apply makeup to your treated area for up to 48 hours following treatment. To aid in your healing process, Dr. Bar may also recommend a series of medical-grade skincare products. While you may see some results four to six weeks following your first treatment, we may recommend a series of three to six treatments spaced several weeks apart to achieve your desired results.

Am I a Good Candidate for RF Microneedling?

If you're looking for minimally invasive treatment options to reduce your uneven skin texture while rebuilding collagen for firmer-looking skin, RF microneedling may be right for you. Ideal candidates for RF microneedling are in general good health and have realistic expectations of their results. If you're unsure whether RF microneedling is right for you, we encourage you to come in for a private consultation with Dr.Bar. She'll be happy to sit down with you, listen to your concerns, evaluate your skin, and develop a personalized treatment plan to help you achieve your ultimate aesthetic goals.

How Much Does RF Microneedling Cost?

The cost of your RF microneedling treatment will depend on the extent of treatment needed to achieve your desired results. To get a better idea of how much your RF microneedling treatment will cost, we encourage you to come in for a private consultation with Dr.Bar.  For your convenience, we are take all major credit cards.


Dr. Bar and her team of medical professionals are proud to offer a variety of advanced bio-identical hormone replacement services to residents of Newport Beach, Beverly Hills, Huntington Beach, and the neighboring communities of Orange County, CA. Contact us at 949-706-1212  to schedule your private medical or cosmetic consultation with Dr. BarxMD.

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